The rules

The Rules are simple. 10 frames. 9 balls. Best score. No Whining. Oh, and we have a foul line now, trying to keep it fair people. Don’t cross it!

the prize

The Golden Skeeball. If you need some luck, give it a rub – you’re sure to roll a couple Loops

the culture

Austin Skeeball League doesn’t just have attitude, it has culture! It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, or how much athleticism you possess, everyone is there to have a good time. Everyone who isn’t a fan of having a good time (and possibly having a drink or two), probably isn’t a roller in the Austin Skeeball League, but you could be.

We roll on the American Standard of vintage skeeball machines, and each machine has their perks. However, you won’t get any tickets for hitting the high score, there are no blazing light shows for hitting the hundos, and sometimes if you’re lucky it will tell you that you’re a winner.

the machine